REEL 2021/22

Works and developments carried out over the last  years. We are a 3D animation & software lab studio. 3D animation 3D modeling VFX Lighting and Shading Render High Res Unreal: Virtual Reality and Virtual Production Unreal Scenarios VP Ready


VR experience that allocate the user inside the office and allow him to throw paper-balls to the trash. Skills: Unreal 5 Development 3D Art Photogrammetry for some deco objects SFX SFX

Fernet Branca – Campaña U.N.I.C.O.

Creación de la 4ta pieza animada de la campaña U.N.I.C.O para Fernet Branca. Cuenta la historia de la bebida Fernet y la historia de su creador Bernardino Branca. Se trabajó a partir de las emblemáticas obras de arte ganadoras del concurso anual que organiza la marca. Ficha técnica: – Propuesta creativa – Animación 2D – Diseño gráfico – Edición



Christmas campaign of the telephone company T-Mobile. For customers to live, together with their children, the experience of traveling in Santa’s sleigh and touring the North Pole and the different Spots where the magic of Christmas happens. It was made using the Unreal 4 as a render engine for the integration of all 3D elements and animations, Lighting, Camera Animation …

HP Sustainability

HP Sustainability – 3D Animation and VFX Simulation

Video that was made by the production company MEDIA MONKS in order to communicate the work of HP for the recycling of its cartridges. For this we perform 3D Modeling, Lighting, Shading, VFX simulations, camera animation and composition. We work with: Blender Octane Render Nuke Rendering was done with a node of 6 RTX 3090 video cards.

Xul Solr

Video Mapping – Museo Bellas Artes – expo 2020 Dubai

Video made from the works of famous Argentine artists who exhibit their works at the Museum of Fine Arts. We work together with Cautela Productora. The development of the video could be done from the high photo of each work of art, and then the perspectives were completed and each work was broken down into sections to then animate in …

Editor Cut – 3D Animation – Logo Eflare

We had the opportunity of making the animation of the logo of the Brand Eflare for their institutional video and promotion. Here a short extract of the working done. Technique: – 3D Art C4D – Render Octane

Chevrolet S10 2019


We been working on ours skills and updating our softwares in order to bring new solutions for our clients. This animation and modeling was made by Juan Casco, our 3D Director, and he decided to start practicing with Blender. Here the result of the pitch developed for Chevrolet. Enjoy it!